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“War was coming. Years of conspiring with his brother, of hunting for his lost mother, and war was finally coming. With options and allies depleting, Nelek finds that his newest and brashest bodyguard, Trenna Croften, could be the key to everything he’s been fighting for.”

Sedition – Epic Fantasy

“Not even a full year after his mother’s death, Duke Nelek Dyngannon rides out for
peace. Intent on unifying the Eldur and Human realms, he is ill-prepared for the hate that greets him.  Spurned by the presence of Trenna Silvanus-Dyngannon, the former General of the Eldur Armies, the Humans demand nothing short of her life to appease them. Caught by surprise, Nelek finds that he must choose between peace and Trenna’s life.
Facing down the demons of her past, Trenna is placed on trial for actions she was celebrated for in her homeland.  Well aware that her husband’s fight for peace could be forever defeated by the revelations of the trial, Trenna is confronted not only by the fear and hatred of the Humans before her, but her own spiteful nature.”

“At first glance Saldorian Feverrette looked every bit the part of heroic savior that she’d hoped for in her youth, but this Witch-Born managed to threaten everything she had worked for in the space of a few breaths. Twenty-three years of hiding, pretending to be nothing more than a seamstress and citizen of Delgora, waiting and holding her breath for her Ascension Day, and it all nearly came crashing down because of one clumsy sentence. Elsie needed no further evidence to know that she had to get rid of him.

Only Dorian Feverrette was on a mission all his own. Determined to take down the group of assassins known as the Bedim, he would not be persuaded to leave. His search tangles him inextricably into the life of Elsie Delgora, whose fight to regain the House Seat of Delgora goes beyond the perfidious Vicaress Reonne. In Elsie’s hidden sanctuary, he discovers the true reasons behind Elsie’s covert plans; Reonne has employed a Dellidus – a serpent-like creature that feeds off of Witch-Born Magic. The existence of the Wild creature inside the civilized lands of Magnellum threatened far more than just the people of Delgora, it could take down the whole of their society. “
“Magic is gone and Valeda Quinlan knows it, she just can’t prove it. Determined to learn
the truth, Valeda finds herself at the mercy of Elsie Delgora, the last known Witch to have ever seen Magic. Scrambling for survival amidst the noble Houses of Magnellum, Valeda agrees to help Elsie in return for Magic’s location. But the help Elsie needs is more than Valeda bargained for. Sent on a mission to find Lord Winslow Agoston, Valeda is confronted by powers far beyond any Witch-Born and forced to take on an even larger role in the fate of Magnellum.”
“On the brink of a religious war between Makeem and Novo Femina, Celeocia Prosser’s struggle for gender equality leads her to Reesa Zimms; the one woman in all of history who can identify the first Mavirus victim. Believing the information surrounding this patient zero to be pivotal in the fight against the Makeem, Celeocia sets her sights on Reesa Zimms, also known as Caresse Zimmerman. There’s just one problem; Reesa Zimms is a science fiction novelist who lived and died hundreds of years in the past.”



“Devon Barlow knows his parents are different. They never dress down, they rarely talk to people outside the ship, and they have so many smugglers’ caches on board Zephyr they could hide an army. In fact, he’s pretty sure they’re pirates. When his mother brings passengers onto the ship he thinks his suspicions are confirmed, but these passengers are more than he’d anticipated. Suddenly on the run, Devon finds himself confronted by a past his parents have worked hard to protect him from; his own.

Jorry thought winning a galactic war would be enough to buy a peaceful life. She was wrong. Running from the government she fought so hard for, she carves a simple life out for herself and her family. When her family is dragged into a black market deal Jorry finds herself directly in the sights of those she’s been hiding from and must decide how far she’s willing to go to protect the people she loves.”


“Torven knows he is no normal beast. What little he can remember of his past tells him that he was a man once, not the wolf he roams as now. And he had known love once; a love that ran so deeply he can feel it even in his cursed form.

The Witch who controls him seems to delight in his torment, and under the watchful eyes of her minions, Torven can find no peace. But when a poacher comes into the Blightwood Torven finds himself with a new assignment, handed down by the Witch herself.

Unable to combat the Witch’s magic, Torven goes on the hunt only to discover that this poacher is a woman. And not just any woman, but the woman from his memory. As time runs short and the Witch’s patience grows thin, Torven must find a way to communicate with the girl, to warn her of the danger, before an even more tragic fate can befall them.”



“The truth was, Megan Shepherd didn’t want to get married; at least, she didn’t want to get married to Joe Harting. Running off to help the war effort was just a convenient excuse not to stay in her hometown and listen to the gossipers whisper as she walked by. But when her ship is sunk in the Atlantic, Megan finds her talent with the German language is the only thing that can keep her alive.

Armed only with an elaborate persona and a flimsy handle of her own courage, Megan manages to win over the authorities closest to her. Under surveillance but with a modicum of freedom Megan begins to plot her escape. When she comes home to find Sam Layton, an escaped POW, hiding in her bathroom Megan discovers that there is more strength in her than she ever imagined.

As the Allied Advance begins to box in the Third Reich, Megan and Sam make a mad dash for the Swiss border. But the truth never stays buried for long and those Megan has tricked are out for vengeance.”
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After twenty years in exile, Trenna and Nelek Dyngannon must face the world they left behind. With their children in tow, they forge new alliances and battle old enemies in a desperate bid to save their home from destruction.

Available September 25, 2019!

Injuries from an IED explosion pushed Tessa Pines out of the army. Now, haunted by the friend who gave his life for her, Tessa tries to get on with living. But her hopes of a quiet recovery become doubtful when sparks fly again between her and her ex-husband. Cordon Morant never thought he’d see Tessa again. Despite their rediscovered passion, he still wants answers to some old questions, like why she left him. When her roommate finagles them into a paranormal investigation of the old Ashwood Institute, Tessa and Cordon find themselves in a fight for their lives. Are some things best left in the past and the dark?